Jhonson Geared Motor

Jhonson Geared Motor

The Johnson Geared motor is famous for its compact size and massive torque. A torque as much as x3 as compared to center shaft or side shaft geared motor, with an affordable price tag.

The motor comes with a metal gearbox and off centered shaft , also shaft has a metal bushing for wear resistance.



Apart from robotic application they are also used in industrial applications, vending system, hygiene and cleaning industry, and household electric appliance.



18000 RPM Base Motor

Shaft Diameter – 6mm (with internal hole)

Shaft Length – 15 mm

Dimensions : Gearbox diameter – 37mm; Motor Diameter – 28.5 mm; Length (body only) – 63mm

Weight – 300 gms

Torque – 5kgcm to 20kgcm (depending on RPM)

Voltage – 6 to 24 (Nominal Voltage – 12v)

No-load current = 800 mA(Max), Load current = 9 A(Max)


Available in following RPM (at 12v):

30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000

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