RTC DS1307 Clock Mini + Micro SD Module Shield For Wemos D1 MINI

SKU: S/M-13

This Realtime clock and microSD shield is designed to be used with the WeMos mini & mini Pro ESP8266 based development boards. Adding this shield to your WeMos mini development board provides it with the ability to store data in a microSD card as well as use on board RTC for time keeping.

Included with the shield is a set of header pins which can be optionally fitted (soldering required) to allow for the shield to be easily inserted and removed from the D1 mini. The stackable headers lets user stack more shield on top of this microSD Shield.

Although this module is intended for use with the Wemos development boards it can of course also be used as a standalone Data logger module.




  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V (Gets power from WeMOS D1 Mini Board)
  • Storage Type: MicroSD
  • RTC Chip: DS1307
  • Backup Battery Type: 3.0v / LR44

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