TSL2561 Module

TSL2561 Module

SKU: S/M-24

The TSL2591 luminosity sensor is an advanced digital light sensor, ideal for use in a wide range of light situations. Compared to low cost CdS cells, this sensor is more precise, allowing for exact lux calculations and can be configured for different gain/timing ranges to detect light ranges from up to 188uLux up to 88,000 Lux on the fly.



  • Approximates Human Eye Response
  • Programmable Interrupt Function with User-Defined Upper and Lower Threshold Settings16-Bit Digital Output with SMBus (TSL2560) at 100 kHz or I2C (TSL2561) Fast-Mode at 400 kHz
  • Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time Supporting 1,000,000-to-1 Dynamic Range
  • Automatically Rejects 50/60-Hz Lighting Ripple
  • Low Active Power (0.75 mW Typical) with Power Down Mode RoHS Compliant
  • Power supply: 5V I
  • nterface: I2C (0x39 default, 0x29 or 0x49 optional)
  • Module dimensions: 19mm x 14mm



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